Record bad beat hits at bestbet Jacksonville

May 25, 2015, Charles Allison, Dave Lemmon, Don Matusofsky, Jennifer Gay, Danny Wade

Kakon wins Battles in South Florida

April 27, 2015, Dave Lemmon, Andrew Malowitz, Charles Allison, Danny Wade

Hard Rock Showdown returns to South Florida on April 6

March 26, 2015, Dave Lemmon, Jennifer Gay, Danny Wade, Andrew Malowitz, Charles Allison

Smoking ban passes in Louisiana

February 23, 2015, Danny Wade, Andrew Malowitz, Charles Allison, Dave Lemmon, Jennifer Gay, Don Matusofsky

Pearl River makes $70M renovations

February 23, 2015, Scott Long

Million Dollar Heater kicks off with record

February 02, 2015, Jennifer Gay

Mississippi promotions, tourneys runneth over

December 04, 2014, Jennifer Gay

Build your bankroll with these promotions

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Dolan right at home with latest victory

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This is the perfect time for poker promotions

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Biloxi coast enjoying some cool promotions

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Caesars closing Harrah’s Tunica on June 2

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Locals thrive at WSOPC at Harrah’s Tunica

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