Winning Poker Strategies

March 23, 2016, Scott  

It’s no secret that the best poker players in the world have strategies they use to defeat their opponents.

They don’t win purely because of luck. We know that luck plays a role but the best poker players focus on the things they can control and at the core of this is developing a winning strategy.

The good news is that everyone can develop these same strategies, work on mastering them, and use them to defeat their opponents.

Selecting The Best Tables

The smartest poker players are diligent with their table selection. They’ll only sit down at tables where they know there is a good chance they’ll win. They also know when to stand up and leave for another table.

Look at stats like average pot size and the number of players seeing the flop first.
Developing these kinds of smarts is at the heart of every great poker player.

Manage Your Money

The best poker players manage their money well and don’t spend recklessly. You need to consciously keep track of how much you’re making and how much you’re losing at each table. You also need to know when it's no longer worth you playing because the odds aren't in your favor.

Selecting Your Hands

It’s not advisable to play every hand in one game. Rather, be smart with your hand selection and only play a hand when you think it will pay off rather than playing hands haphazardly.


Sometimes, being aggressive pays off and this rings true for poker. If you’re in a pot then it’s time to be aggressive and go for gold. After all, it was probably being aggressive that got you in the pot in the first place so there is no reason to stop being aggressive just yet.

However, know when to place a limit and keep your aggression in check. You don't want to so aggressive that you play recklessly.

Don’t Be Predictable

While an aggressive approach is likely to pay off with you making you making more money, you also need to tone it down so you’re not predictable. The idea is to keep your opponents at the table guessing by mixing up your game style, therefore making you harder to beat.

Become Good At Math

You may not like math but it’s advisable that you brush up on your math skills if you want to be a good poker player. You need to be able to quickly tally up numbers in your head and ideally do so faster than your opponents.

If you can do this quickly then you'll know where you stand to win and lose money.

Read Other People

A big part of being a good poker player is learning how to read your opponents at the table. You need to be able to read certain body language cues and work out what they mean. However, sometimes players will deliberately perform specific behaviors to deceive the others at the table.

In that regard, this can become a double-edged sword. Either way, it's recommended you learn how to read body language and behaviour.

Control Your Emotions

It’s tough but controlling or more so, managing your emotions in the heat of the moment is crucial to your poker success. You never want to be playing purely from a place of reaction.

The key is to keep your emotions in check so you can still make a rational and logical decision that gives you the best chance of winning money.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a great poker player isn’t easy but you can give yourself the best chance of improving by developing the strategies mentioned above.

They’re all proven strategies used by the best in the business and there is no reason you can develop them for yourself. If you'd like to get started with playing poker then one of the best ways to begin is online at Insta Kasino.

This way you can learn the ropes and have fun at the same time before paying in a real-world casino.