The Diverse World of Poker; Techniques, Types and Events

April 14, 2016, Scott  

As the most recent leg of the Grand Prix Poker Tour has concluded at Leeds, crowning Jack Kent as the winner and seeing him walk away with a $40,000 cash prize, the intricacies of the classic card game are at the fore of the competitive sports community once more.

Due to the prestige that tournaments have given the game, not to mention its various forms in brick-and-mortar venues and at online domains, poker is one of the leading activities within the betting sector. Although there are various types to play, the most common, and the primary format you will see at competition such as the World Poker Tour, is Texas Hold'em.

As the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions is scheduled for the end of April, it is a good idea for veterans and newcomers of the game to learn the techniques adopted by internationally renowned players. With betting separated into a total of four rounds, players all begin with two ‘hole cards’, also referred to as ‘pocket cards’; these will be kept hidden from other players, with only the community cards being revealed. It is all about using the combination of these cards to create a winning hand.

Although several of the most popular poker games are simply a variation of Texas Hold'em, there are some that differ from the standard format, such as 7-Card Stud, and most recently the online activity of Twist Poker. As a leading company within the betting and casino market, Coral is always on the lookout to deliver something innovative to their customers, with their latest installment being a chief example.

Unlike normal poker which sees players work toward a final prize, this variant rewards a random player before the game has begun, thus adding an extra unknown element to the mix. As the prize amount is randomized, the lucky winner could earn two times the entry stake or up to 1000 times, so with this Coral poker bonus you are sure to reap some form of benefit, little or big. While it can be seen as a more enthralling way to play, it is unlikely that such a potluck format will ever reach the heights of international poker tournaments. Nonetheless, it is a refreshing change of pace, and further highlights just how diverse the world of poker actually is, for it is constantly adapting to accommodate returning and new players.