The 3 most challenging casino games

March 02, 2016, Scott  

We all like a bit of a flutter, but for some of us casino games are more than harmless fun. Some like a challenge!

Here are the top three most challenging casino games to try your hand at!

1. Live Poker

Unlike many casino games, poker isn't a game of chance. Players spend years practicing and studying the game before they manage to become a small fish in a game of sharks. Becoming a shark, capable of long-term wins on games with high stakes, takes a lot of skill and is, without doubt, the greatest challenge in the casino.

Poker also requires consummate skill in reading players and, of course, perfecting that all-important poker face. You need to become an expert in the game, the players, and your own reactions and emotions while playing. You also need to play the long game and learn to think ahead - a bit like a game of chess. Even if you can master all these elements, you still have to contend with the rake (the percentage of the pot skimmed by the house), which can leave you a loser, even if you win!

2. Blackjack

Blackjack is an extremely challenging game for several reasons. For one thing, there are more rules to remember than most casino games, and getting them all straight isn't easy, especially if you're a beginner. Added to this is the reaction most players have to the game - the adrenaline rush muddles up your brain and can make you forget what you're doing. There is some element of chance in the game but, like poker, it requires considerable skill and a lot of practice and study to master.

3. Slots

Slots have captured the heart of millions and are fast becoming one of the most popular casino games. They have an emotional and psychological impact that just makes you feel good. The modern age is so technical, so logical, so fast-paced. Slots propel us back to an age before we were lost to the grind of modernity, when things were simpler, low-tech, and fun! Whether you're playing in an online casino, or hitting the strip in Vegas, chances are you're looking for a good time and, most importantly, a relaxing experience. Slots are the game of choice for anyone wanting to kick back and enjoy themselves.

But don't let this lull you into believing slots are simple games for simple people and that there's no challenge. While they are often regarded as the easy choice, the challenge in the game is that there is, quite literally, nothing you can do to improve your chances of winning. The odds are the odds, and that's all you have to work with. The challenge is not in reading the game, or the cards, or the players. The challenge lies in seducing Lady Luck (originally based on the Roman god of good fortune), and that's no easy task!

Add to this the fact slots are getting increasingly complex and the challenge grows daily. Game producers are constantly pushing the boundaries of their creativity to up the ante and bring us new, exciting types of slot machines. Types of slots range from '80s nostalgia to the most up-to-date 3D Slot machines. Slot apps are now all the rage, and the games are continuing to evolve in order to meet the demand created by their ever-increasing popularity. Slots have a long and vibrant history, and their continuing evolution is helping to make sites like Wink Slots the place to be. There are many reasons to love slots, and many types of slot machines to love. It's not really surprising the game has seen such surge in popularity, and it's unlikely that popularity will wane any time soon.