Poker Vs. Pokies: Where Can You Win More Money

August 11, 2016, Scott  

I’m certain a lot of people would get angry just reading this title. It’s alright, I don’t mind – get as angry as you want, get it out of your system so we could
move on and try to answer this question seriously.

Let’s break this question down:

Poker is a skill’s game. Pokies are based on luck. If you think about logically, you have a better chance winning money based on skill than based on luck, right?
Wrong. Let’s break down the answers now and you’ll see why you are much better off with pokies, than poker.

But before we get going, two things:

1. If you think that poker is a game of luck and not of skill, please stop reading this and go hunt Pokémons. I don’t feel like even explaining to you why you are so wrong and truth be told, you don’t deserve an explanation.

2. We are not taking professional poker players into account. If you are in Vegas once a year for the World Series of Poker and you actually participate in the competition so alright, you should continue playing poker and forget about pokies.

For the rest of us who actually need to work for a living, we are moving on.

Poker Vs. Pokies, an Overview

Don’t worry, I’m not going to explain to you how poker works, nor how to spin the reels of a slot machine. A few key poker points:

  • Poker is a group game. Around a green-felt table of a virtual table.
  • It’s you against everybody.
  • Most chances are, there’s a better poker player than you around the table (unless you are Joe McKeehen.)
  • You need to prove your skills.

And now for slots:

  • Pokies are solo.
  • Man against the machine.
  • You are the best pokies player around (around the machine you are playing.)
  • You have to prove nothing except the fact that you have a wallet.

You Are Lucky, We Are Lucky, It’s A Lucky World

There are so many luck-based games around, and probably for a very good reason. First there is the lottery, all over the world actually, the most popular
mass-gambling activity. Then there are scratchies, and online instant scratchies sites, such as – are they the same?

Not sure… Anyway, pokies join this famed tradition of luck-based gambling. Kids love luck-based games. Of course they don’t play them for money, but they still love them. And they don’t like skill-based games that much. Have you tried playing a skill-based game with a 4 year-old? Not the most pleasant
experience – they tend to get pretty mad when their skills don’t match their
ego. Anyway!

Put Up Your Best Poker Face

So this is it: when you play poker you don’t control the game. Especially in
online poker when you don’t really know who the other players are. Sure, you
can check out their online profiles, but are they really their online profiles?
Cameron is ‘sitting’ to your right, but, who is Cameron? What I’m saying comes from too much experience of playing online poker. There are sneaky wolves out there roaming the woods on online poker. They’ll lose some first, small wins, just to make you feel safe and warm inside and then they’ll bite real hard when they see your confidence got the better of you. And it hurts.

Watch out for your own ego – a better poker player than you is closer than you think, always. And watch out from marrying a girl just because you think she’s hot. A hotter girl will materialize much sooner than you think.

Real Money Slots Are Not A Fake

The great thing about pokies, and more than that online pokies, is that you know what are your chances to win money and no one is trying to trick you. On online pokies site, PrimeSlots or any other, you can check any game to see what the RTP is. That’s Return To Player ratio, the percentage of money coming in that the machine must pay back as winnings.

The average RTP for online pokies is 96%. This means that any game will pay back in winnings 96% of the money players spend on playing. That’s a lot. Land-based pokie machines have an average RTP of 85%, that’s not bad as well.

It should be noted that this isn’t per player, but per machine, or game., an online slot reviews site, can help you figure out the RTP of each game.

This Is Your Choice, This Is Your Chance

So, what do you think now? Where your chances of winning money look better now – playing against rivals that might just be more skilled than you in the art of poker, or teaming up with lady luck and taking her for a spin of the reels?