How NetEnt has changed the game

July 04, 2016, Scott  

Ask any online gambler what game developers they trust to produce great games and one of the answers, if not the first one, would be NetEnt. NetEnt has been on the forefront of the gambling industry ever since its humble beginnings, way back before anyone could even afford the luxury of owning a computer at home.

Its games have been pioneering in every sense of the word and the company has been a game changer for years. Its continuous strive to bring top-quality games to the modern gamer, instead of just producing “decent” games, as well as its desire to spread its products all across the globe is what has made NetEnt what it is today – the monarch of online casino gaming. It is so popular that almost any quality casino wants to provide their players with NetEnt games. If you don’t believe it, just check out the number of casinos that have its games at this best NetEnt Casino comparison site.

However, it didn’t become what it is today overnight. Its rise was gradual and steady, but interesting all the way.

The beginnings

NetEnt’s history goes way back before it first came up with the name in 1996. Before NetEnt was founded, there was a different company, Cherry, which was the operator for various Scandinavian casinos during the 70s. After a new law was passed banning slots in Sweden, the company quickly lost its foundation and had to reorganize. They it acquired several Swedish gaming companies, formed a
new group, and later started providing slots for Eastern European countries during 1986-1991. But it wasn’t until next year that the company laid the foundations for what is is today, after a man called Pontus Lindwall persuaded it to take a different approach.

The company had decided to stop its Eastern Europe supply and try something else when Lindwall suggested it should try a new market – the Internet. Keep in mind that this was a very bold idea at the time, as the Internet was still a strange and unexplored domain that many people had no intention of making their number one channel of communication and entertainment. Lindwall finally convinced Cherry and Kinnevik (two major investment companies) to invest in the idea, and NetEnt officially started in 1996.

Building from the foundations

The first years of the online casino industry were not very bright. Computer users were still getting used to the use of Internet and computer manufacturers and Internet providers were still improving their products. Step by step, more and more people went online and Internet gaming spread like wildfire. However, few felt safe to spend money online, especially in unregulated and shady Internet

During its first years as NetEnt, the company narrowed its focus on creating its own unique game roster as most countries were reluctant to allow online gaming on the expense of their own casino industries. However, some countries, like Malta, took the first steps of providing regulated markets for game developers and gamblers and thus opened the doors for the online casino industry of today.

This led to the first launch of a NetEnt Casino in 2002, after which the company started delivering casino modules and sharply gaining profits and reputation in the process. its popularity was, and still is, primarily owed to its knack for designing great games. Having its foundation in land-based casinos, it knew what players sought and started creating its own original games that had great playability, unique themes, a fair house edge and an almost impeccable design, all of which took the pioneering company to the very front of online casinos.

Keeping up with the times

After building its foundations in Malta and obtaining its gaming license in 2005, NetEnt started expanding and soon separated from Cherry. It continued making great games and gaining reputation fast as the best game provider in the online casino industry and once again showed its instinct for sensing trends when it launched their mobile games in 2011.

Its first mobile games were not many, though they were incredibly successful because of their own original platform the aptly named NetEnt Touch. Starbust and Gonzo’s Quest proved to be hits for mobile players and NetEnt took the approval as a sign to expand its mobile game selection and build more of mobile slots and table games, taking its time to carefully design each one. It has around 30 mobile games, which is not very many, but every game bears NetEnt’s
mark of high-quality graphics, exciting playability, and enticing bonuses and wins – a combination which once again confirms its status of leader in the casino industry.

Its latest addition was its live casino platform, which was launched in 2013 from its studios in alta, and quickly spread to 28 casinos by the following year. The company then expanded to the U.S. and Danish markets in 2015 and its games are even available in land-based machines in the UK.

Whatever its next step is, NetEnt will surely stay on top of its game.

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