For or Against Online Poker is Here to Stay

March 31, 2016, Scott  

With the advancement in technology and software more people than ever are enjoying a bet online, wagering from the comfort of your own home and on the move has never been so popular. With the increasing choice of games from slots, to sites like sun bingo, casino games and arcade games that accept wagers, players can expect superior graphics, video and audio clips to enhance their gameplay and enjoyment, and because online casinos do not have any property or building costs,
they need smaller margins to break even which is good news, as this means that usually online casinos offer larger average returns.

If we therefore consider online poker we need to make some comparisons in order to make a choice that suits our own individual needs the best. There is a great deal of useful information relating to poker online. Firstly, it should be noted that there really is no ‘us or them’ divide as many players enjoy games both at bricks and mortar venues and online, there are always going to be pros and cons about any choice.

Some of the Most Important Pros of Online Poker

  • There is no limited game selection when you play online
  • The rake for internet casinos is usually less than in a bricks and mortar casino
  • There is no need to travel, wait for a game, and you can also multi-task whilst playing online
  • You can fish for information on other players using the ‘find a player’ feature (as long as they use the same screen name)
  • Your opponents will not be able to read your poker tells.

Of course with any pros you have to have some cons and these are some of the cons of playing your game of poker online.

  • You tend to play many more hands whilst online so if you are having a bad run you lose quickly
  • As mentioned above others cannot see any ‘tells’ well this obviously means that you are also unable to pick up on the tells of any of your opposition, although there are a few ‘tells’ that can be picked up on online, the more reliable ones are unavailable.
  • When playing in a bricks and mortar casino it is usually easier to concentrate on your game than when playing online unless you make sure you have a designated area where you are not to be disturbed.
  • For some players it is more difficult to follow the action online as the hands can be completed a lot faster. This could diminish the edge you might have in a bricks and mortar venue as you won’t know all of the folded cards.
  • You do not get the same interaction with others whilst playing online, plus getting to know your opponents works in your favour who are less likely to play aggressively towards you.

As we mentioned earlier on in the post a lot of people play both online and at a bricks and mortar casino, these variations are not mutually exclusive, but like most other things there are always plus and minus points. For those players which are more skilled and disciplined, online play has much to recommend it. If however you are a casual player who has a limited bankroll then care is needed to keep up with the fast paced poker games you find online.