"I wanted you to know that Ante Up Magazine is the only one our players are picking up. It’s always GONE by the end of the month … All the others I end up throwing out. I think that says a lot, don’t you?"
- Christine Stacy, poker room manager, Mountaineer Casino

"Our membership nearly doubled in a year, thanks in a large part to Ante Up."
- Steve Blay, Vice President of Operations, Advanced Poker Training

Ante Up is dedicated to everyday poker players and their poker rooms.

That’s our mission statement and Ante Up Poker Media is committed to unparalleled coverage of poker players and poker rooms throughout its various products, and the casino industry overall in its new Regional Gaming Guides.
At Ante Up, we’re dedicated to highlighting the achievements of everyday players - the same players who fill poker rooms and casinos day in and day out and buy most of the gaming products and services.

If you have any questions, or wish to begin a relationship with Ante Up, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Director of Sales Chris Cronin | Casino advertisers | | (480) 217-2589

Publisher Scott Long | Strategic Partnerships/non-casino advertisers | | (727) 331-4335


Ante Up, YOUR Poker Magazine, is dedicated to everyday players and their poker rooms! Read any other poker publication and you’ll see story after story about big-time pros winning big-time pots. But 95% of poker players aren’t at that level. And likely never will be. So that’s why we call Ante Up “YOUR Poker Magazine.” We highlight the accomplishments of the players who win local or regional tournaments, hit a bad-beat jackpot or qualify for the World Series of Poker through their local poker rooms or leagues. We print for free most news, photos and results we receive from poker rooms for free each month, as well as provide free listings of promotions and tournaments in poker rooms. We have a team of Ambassadors nationwide who report each month on their region, and whether you want your ad placed in our News section or our Where To Play section, rest assured that your ad can be placed adjacent to the content most interesting to the readers you're most interested in reaching.

  • Frequency: Monthly (12 issues a year)
  • Audience: 40,000 physical press run, plus downloads/views of issue from AnteUpMagazine.Com.
  • Distribution: Available for free in more than 280 poker rooms and casinos nationwide, adding more each month. Subscription service available and all issues are archived in Flash and PDF formats on AnteUpMagazine.Com.
  • Rates: Start at $500 per issue, and include a free 728x90 banner in rotation on AnteUpMagazine.Com. Click here for more information, including a production calendar and specs, or contact your advertising representative for more information


The Ante Up Poker Tour allows casinos and poker rooms of all sizes to host a media-branded poker tournament and enjoy marketing support throughout Ante Up's products. And unlike other branded tours, the Ante Up Poker Tour lets host properties design and run their event as they like.
Championship events: Limited to 12 events a year, our Championship events feature year-round marketing support to help our host properties be successful before and after their Ante Up Poker Tour event, and feature the Main Event champion on the cover of Ante Up Magazine.
Regional events: Designed for smaller properties or properties who prefer a revenue share model, our Regional events feature marketing support ahead of the series for an industry-low price, with a revenue share model that provides for future advertising credits.
Set Sail Series: Our Set Sail Series allows poker rooms to host a quick-and-easy tournament series completely funded by players with Ante Up Poker Cruise packages as prizes.
Custom tournament series and add-ons: Ante Up can also custom design other tournament series products for poker rooms, and we offer add-ons, such as television or live video streaming at an additional cost for all Ante Up Poker Tour events.
Tour and individual event sponsorships: Companies looking to get their products or brand in front of thousands of poker players can sponsor individual events or the overall tour.
Package details/rates: Championship events are $3,000 per month for 12 months, Regional events are $4,000 in advance with a revenue share after 400 entries and Set Sail Series events have no cost beyond providing Ante Up Poker Cruise packages to winners from each prize pool. For full package details on both, click here or contact your advertising representative.


Several times a year, Ante Up transforms the conference centers aboard Royal Caribbean and NCL cruise ships into a professionally staffed and equipped poker room with cash games, tournaments and poker classes. Visit our Cruise Webpage for our schedule and more information, and contact Scott Long to schedule a giveaway, poker league or to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

  • In-room cruise package giveaways: Poker rooms can drive traffic into their rooms by holding satellite events or buying cruise packages to give to their players through promotions. Participating rooms’ events are promoted throughout the Ante Up universe, including in the magazine, website and social networking platforms.
  • Ante Up Poker League: The Ante Up Poker League is a simple product for poker rooms to use to spur traffic on slow nights or to reward loyal patrons. There is no cost for poker rooms to establish an Ante Up Poker League. All that is required is a commitment to award an Ante Up Cruise package to the winner. Ante Up will give the champion a personalized League Champion jacket and run their photo in Ante Up Magazine, and promote the league through all of Ante Up's products, including the Ante Up Poker League webpage.
  • Sponsorships: Promotional opportunities exist on-board each cruise, including signage and sales space in the poker room, or giveaways to guests. All sponsors receive promotional consideration in the magazine, website and cruise brochure.


AnteUpMagazine.Com is the 24/7 hub of Ante Up’s universe. The interactive website features breaking news, individual news pages for every state, all Ante Up Magazine content in various formats, links to all poker rooms nationwide and state-by-state maps of locations, links to Ante Up PokerCast shows and more. Ante Up is also active on Facebook and Twitter.
Marketing opportunities: A 728x90 banner is included for free in all print purchases, and posts in our "Guest Posts" section are available for $150. Contact your advertising representative for more information.

Ante Up PokerCast
Our award-winning weekly Internet audio show has mixed humor, commentary and strategy every week since June 15, 2005. It’s the longest continually running poker podcast on the planet and has spawned a devoted, weekly worldwide audience of approximately 8,500 listeners that calls itself “The Ante Up Nation.” Hosted by Ante Up publishers Scott Long and Chris Cosenza, the show features humor, news, interviews, strategy and more, including several listener-submitted segments. Unlike a radio show, the pokercast is automatically downloaded to thousands of subscribers’ MP3 players and computers and archived on AnteUpMagazine.Com, so listeners listen when and where it is most convenient for them.
Marketing opportunities: Title, segment or prize sponsorships available, as well as traditional commercials. Contact Scott Long for more information.

Ante Up E-Newsletters and E-Blasts
Ante Up blasts its database of more than 8,100 fans each month with a newsletter full of news and information from all of Ante Up’s products. We also send a monthly e-newsletter to poker room managers and other key executives.
Marketing opportunities: Dedicated e-blasts are included in all Ante Up Poker Tour packages. Contact your advertising representative for more information.

Television and live video broadcasts
Ante Up works in partnership with Fallah Productions Inc., the producer of the successful Windy City Poker Championship television show, to provide affordable, high-quality live web broadcasts and/or television coverage of tournaments and cash games in your poker room.
Marketing opportunities: Contact Scott Long for a custom quote.


Ante Up's demographic information is generated through our annual Ante Up Reader Survey:
Male: 56%
Female: 44%

18-24: 6%
25-34: 27%
35-44: 28%
45-54: 21%
55-64: 13%
65 and older: 6%

Household income
Less than $20,000: 5%
$20,000-$40,000: 14%
$40,001-$60,000: 21%
$60,001-$80,000: 16%
$80,001-$100,000: 11%
$100,000 or more: 14%
Declined to answer: 20%

What other forms of gaming do you enjoy?
Table games: 22%
Lottery: 14%
Slot machines: 18%
Sports betting: 13%
Parimutuel wagering: 7%
Bingo: 7%
Daily fantasy sports: 5%
None of the above: 15%

AnteUpMagazine.Com monthly statistics, per Google Analytics

  • 19,406 sessions
  • 14,830 users
  • 33,860 page views
  • 1.74 pages per session
  • 1:40 average time per session

PRODUCT DETAILS (rates/specifications/calendar )


  • All rates are per issue and net.
  • All rates include a 728x90 banner in rotation on AnteUpMagazine.Com and a permanent link on AnteUpMagazine.Com’s Partners page.
  • All rates are for production-ready materials. We can recommend quality freelance artists for our clients.
  • Frequency discounts available.

Premium position rates

  • Back cover: $8,000
  • Pages 2/3 doublespread: $8,000
  • Doublespread before editorial: $6,000
  • Full page (opposite Publisher’s Column, Masthead or Contents pages): $3,000
  • Inside back cover (doublespread): $4,000
  • Inside back cover (single page): $2,000
  • Half page (left-hand vertical read on Publisher's Column, Masthead or Contents pages): $2,000

News section rates

  • Doublespread: $4,000
  • Full page: $2,000
  • Half page: $1,000

Strategy section/Where To Play listings rates

  • Full page: $1,500
  • Half page: $750
  • Quarter page: $500

Space/materials deadline: July 24
Publication date: Aug. 7

Space/materials deadline: Aug. 21
Publication date: Sept. 4

Space/materials deadline: Sept. 18
Publication date: Oct. 2

Space/materials deadline: Oct. 16
Publication date: Oct. 30

Space/materials deadline: Nov. 13
Publication date: Nov. 27

Space/materials deadline: Dec. 11
Publication date: Dec. 25

Space/materials deadline: Jan. 15
Publication date: Jan. 29

MARCH 2020
Space/materials deadline: Feb. 12
Publication date: Feb. 26

APRIL 2020
Space/materials deadline: March 11
Publication date: March 25

MAY 2020
Space/materials deadline: April 8
Publication date: April 22

JUNE 2020
Space/materials deadline: May 6
Publication date: May 20

JULY 2020
Space/materials deadline: June 3
Publication date: June 17

Space/materials deadline: July 22
Publication date: Aug. 5

Space/materials deadline: Aug. 19
Publication date: Sept. 2

Space/materials deadline: Sept. 16
Publication date: Sept. 30

Space/materials deadline: Oct. 14
Publication date: Oct. 28

Space/materials deadline: Nov. 11
Publication date: Nov. 25

Space/materials deadline: Dec. 9
Publication date: Dec. 30


  • Email finished ads to
  • Please submit materials as PDFs (please send doublespread PDFs as one page)
  • All sizes in inches
  • All ads are four color

Live: 15.5 x 9.75
Trim: 16.5 x 10.75
Full bleed: 17 x 11.25

Full page
Live: 7.25 x 9.75
Trim: 8.25 x 10.75
Full bleed: 8.5 x 11.25
Back cover: 8.75 x 11.25

Half page (horizontal)
Live: 7.25 x 4.875
Trim: 8.25 x 5.375
Full bleed: 8.5 x 5.625

Half page (vertical)
Live: 3.625 x 9.75
Trim: 4.125 x 10.75
Full bleed: 4.375 x 11.25

Quarter page
Live: 3.625 x 4.875

Web banners

  • Banners are 728x90 pixels; actual file size not important
    JPG, GIF, PNG or SWF formats accepted. Click tags must be properly formatted in SWF files using this coding:
    on (release) {
    getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");
  • Banners are posted upon receipt and run for length of contract
  • Banners can be swapped out as often as client wishes

Ante Up Poker Tour packages

Ante Up Magazine

  • Three doublespread ads, eight full-page ads and one back cover ad.
  • Half-page announcement article, full-page preview article, two-page recap article with Main Event winner on the cover of the magazine


  • All print coverage posted online, plus daily updates from the event
  • Three 728x90 banners in rotation for 12 months
  • Dedicated website for event
  • All event details on AnteUpPokerTour.Com

Ante Up Social Networking

  • Pre-event posts on Ante Up’s Facebook/Twitter feeds, plus daily updates during event
  • Dedicated e-blast to Ante Up database

Additional Ante Up benefits

  • Personalized champion’s jacket
  • All cashers in all events earn Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year points
  • Ante Up media staffing for Main Event

$3,000 per month for 12 months (limited to 12 properties per year)
Ante Up takes no portion of entry fees for Ante Up Poker Tour Championship events, but all championship events must withhold $1,650 from the prize pool(s) for one Ante Up World Championship seat

Ante Up Magazine

  • Two full-page ads
  • Half-page preview article and full-page recap article


  • All print coverage posted online, plus daily updates from the event
  • One 728x90 banner in rotation for 2 months
  • Link to event details on AnteUpPokerTour.Com

Ante Up Social Networking

  • Pre-event posts on Ante Up’s Facebook/Twitter feeds, plus daily updates during event
  • Dedicated e-blast to Ante Up database

Additional Ante Up benefits

  • Personalized champion’s jacket
  • All cashers in all events earn Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year points

$4,000 in advance, plus $10 for every entry in the series over 400. For every entry in the series over 400, host location gets a $10 future advertising credit
All regional events must withhold $1,650 from the prize pool(s) for one Ante Up World Championship seat

Rooms must commit to host a series of at least five events and withhold enough money from each prize pool to send each champion on an Ante Up Poker Cruise
Package includes:

  • One half-page Ante Up Magazine ad for every five tournaments in the series.
  • Preview and recap articles in Ante Up Magazine
  • 728x90 banners in rotation from receipt through end of series
  • Event details on AnteUpPokerTour.Com
  • Pre-event posts on Ante Up’s Facebook/Twitter feeds, plus daily updates during event
  • Dedicated e-blast to Ante Up database
  • Personalized champion’s jacket
  • All cashers in all events earn Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year points

No additional charge beyond the cost of the cruise packages, which start at $1,010 each
Ante Up never takes any portion of entry fees for Ante Up Poker Tour events


  • Payment: Payment for new clients is due before first insertion. Returning clients are billed on a Net 30 basis. Ante Up reserves the right to impose a late-payment finance charge on all past due accounts.
  • Material acceptance: All advertising is subject to approval of the publisher, who reserves the right to refuse any advertising. The publisher will label as “advertising” any advertisement that resembles editorial. Any reference to Ante Up in advertising, promotional material or merchandising is subject to the approval of the publisher.
  • Material responsibility: Advertisers or representative agencies are responsible for submitting print-ready copy. An additional fee will be charged for advertising creation. Advertiser/agency is liable for space if no copy is furnished by the published art deadline. Publishers reserves the right to alter advertising material that is at variance with Ante Up mechanical specifications, with the advertisers liable for the costs of those alterations.
  • Material authorization: All advertisements are accepted and published by the publisher on the representation of the agency and advertiser that both are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter of the advertisement. In consideration of an advertisement, the advertiser and agency, joint and severally, will indemnify and hold harmless the publisher, its officers, agents and employees, against expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from the publication of contents of the advertising, including, without limitation, claims or suits for libel, defamation, violation of right of privacy, copyright infringement or plagiarism.


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Chris Cronin, Director of Sales
(480) 217-2589

Scott Long, Publisher
Strategic Partnerships/non-casino advertisers
(727) 331-4335

Scott Long, Publisher
(727) 331-4335

Christopher Cosenza, Publisher
(727) 742-3428